Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, which requires precise observation, experimentation, and explanations, along with a deep understanding and compassion for human beings. Accordingly, the Department of Psychology provides students with a broad-based education in psychology from both a theoretical and applied perspective, thereby preparing them for careers in counseling, teaching, consulting, marketing, industry, social work, research, government agencies, and clinical practice.

The department consists of the following majors: clinical psychology, social psychology, criminal psychology, research techniques in psychology, counseling psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, experimental psychology, cognitive engineering psychology, and developmental psychology.

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Study Area Course Number Course Title Credit/ Hour
  PSYC211 Psychopathology 3-3-0
  PSYC212 Psychological Assessment 3-3-0
  PSYC213 Group Therapy 3-2-2
  PSYC214 Psychotherapy 3-3-0
  PSYC215 Practicum in Clinical Psychology 3-2-2
  PSYC216 Developmental Psychopathology 3-3-0
PSYC217 Advanced Psychological Design 3-3-0
  PSYC231 Neuropsychology Assessment 3-2-2
PSYC232 Sensation and Perception and Practice 3-2-2
  PSYC322 Psychology of Personality 3-3-0
  PSYC332 Modern Social Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC341 Psychology of Learning 3-3-0
  PSYC342 Cognitive Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC344 Cognitive Development 3-3-0
  PSYC361 Developmental Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC423 Counseling Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC435 Industrial &Organizational Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC436 Adolescent Development 3-3-0
  PSYC438 Criminal Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC443 Brain and Behavior 3-3-0
  PSYC513 Clinical Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC514 Health Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC516 Advertisement &Consumer Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC562 Psychology of Aging 3-3-0
  PSYC564 Counseling for Family Problems 3-3-0
  PSYC595 Engineering Psychology and Design 3-3-0
  PSYC596 Psychological Experiments and Computer Practice 3-2-2
Study Area Course Number Course Title Credit/ Hour
  PSYC714 Psychodiagnosis 3-3-0
  PSYC715 Projective Test 3-3-0
  PSYC721 Psychoanalytic Theory 3-3-0
PSYC723 Psychopathology and Advanced Counseling Theories 3-3-0
  PSYC732 Experimental Social Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC733 Theories of Attitude and Attitude Change 3-3-0
  PSYC734 Person Perception and Social Cognition 3-3-0
  PSYC735 Community Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC741 Human Memory 3-3-0
  PSYC743 Human Cognitive Process 3-3-0
  PSYC744 Psycholinguistics 3-3-0
  PSYC752 Advanced Psychology in Perception 3-3-0
  PSYC753 Advanced Stastistics in Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC761 Theories of Child Development 3-3-0
  PSYC762 Current Research in Developmental Psychology 3-3-0
PSYC771 Advances in Physiological Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC772 Advanced Neuropsychological Test 3-3-0
  PSYC782 Advances in Consumer Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC783 Advances in Group Dynamics 3-3-0
  PSYC785 Practice on Clinical Interview 3-3-0
PSYC799 Thesis : Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC913 Behavior Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC914 Seminar in Clinical Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC915 Psychological Assessment 3-3-0
  PSYC916 Psychosocial Rehabilitation Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC917 Advanced Experimental Design 3-3-0
  PSYC921 Seminar in Family Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC924 Psychoanalytic Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC925 Cognitive Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC926 Advances in Personality 3-3-0
  PSYC931 Seminar in Social Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC932 Seminar in Human Relation 3-3-0
  PSYC933 Special Topics in Person Perception and Social Cognition 3-3-0
  PSYC943 Methods in Experimental Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC946 Measurements and Assessments in Development 3-3-0
  PSYC947 Seminar in Cognitive-Cyber Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC948 Advances in Cognitive Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC949 Neuropsycholgy 3-3-0
  PSYC950 Advances in Psychometric 3-3-0
  PSYC951 Research Techniques in Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC952 Multivariance Analysis 3-3-0
  PSYC953 Seminar in Cognitive Engineering Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC954 Advanced Psychometic 3-3-0
  PSYC955 Seminar in Perception and Attention 3-3-0
  PSYC956 Research Methods in Perception 3-3-0
  PSYC959 Seminar on Cognitive Aging 3-3-0
  PSYC960 Proseminar in Geropsychology 3-3-0
  PSYC961 Seminar in Cognitive Development 3-3-0
  PSYC964 Seminar in Reality Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC965 Seminar on Criminal Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC967 Seminar in Psychoanalysis 3-3-0
  PSYC968 Existential Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC969 Gestalt Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC970 Seminar in Gestalt Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC972 Advances in Abnormal Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC973 Research Methods in Counseling Pschology 3-3-0
  PSYC974 Seminar in Counseling Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC975 Person-Centered Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC976 Seminar in Person-Centered Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC977 Advances in Developmental Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC978 Advances in Theories of learnaing 3-3-0
  PSYC981 Seminar in Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3-3-0
PSYC982 Group Processes 3-3-0
  PSYC983 Seminar in Consumer Psychology 3-3-0
PSYC999 Dissertation : Psychology 3-3-0
Community & Cyber Psychology
Study Area Course Number Course Title Credit/ Hour
POIN799 Thesis 3-3-0
POIN862 Psychology of Everyday Life 3-3-0
POIN863 Research Methods in Psychology 3-3-0
  POIN865 Public Mental Hygiene 3-3-0
  POIN867 Mental Processes in Old Age 3-3-0
  POIN868 Aging in Contemporary Society 3-3-0
  POIN872 Group Dynamics and Localism 3-3-0
POIN873 Cyber Psychology 3-3-0
  POIN875 Theory and Prctice of Group Counseling 3-3-0
  POIN877 Child &Adolescent Psychopathology 3-3-0
  POIN878 Crime &Abnormal Behavior in Cyber Psychology 3-3-0
  POIN882 Seminar in Child &Adolescent Problem 3-3-0
  PSYC722 Advances in Counseling Theories 3-3-0
  PSYC723 Psychopathology and Advanced Counseling Theories 3-3-0
  PSYC735 Community Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC912 Psychological Assessment 3-3-0
  PSYC916 Psychosocial Rehabilitation Therapy 3-3-0
  PSYC918 Rehabilitation Psychology 3-3-0
  PSYC919 Medical or Health Policy 3-3-0
  PSYC949 Neuropsycholgy 3-3-0
  PSYC965 Seminar on Criminal Psychology 3-3-0