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Political Science & Diplomacy
Name Major Phone E-Mail Homepage
HEO, MAN HO Korean Politics 053-950-5214
YOUN, SOON GAB Political Thought 053-950-5209
 Kyungpook National University(Political Science) 
JUNG, HEE SUK International Relations 053-950-5210
HA, SE HUN Comparative Politics 053-950-5208
LEE, JUNG TAE International Relations 053-950-5212
EOM, KIHONG American Politics 053-950-5214
 University of Kentucky, Ph.D. 
chaejs 053-850-5211
Benjamin C. Thompson 053-950-5216
Kang Woo Jin Comprative Politics, Korean Politics process 053-950-5215
 University of Florida state, Ph. D. 
Name Major Phone E-Mail Homepage
KIM, GYU-WON Social Inequality, Sociology of Education 053-950-5225
 미국 Wisconsin-Madison대학교 대학원 사회 
RHO, JIN-CHUL Sociological Theories, Sociological Methodology 053-950-5226
 독일 Bielefeld대학교 대학원 
LEE, CHAI-MUN Comparative Sociology, Legal Sociology of Russia 053-950-6254
 University of Minnesota 
LEE, DONG-JIN Political Sociology, Legal Sociology of China 053-950-5221
 Seoul National University 
CHUN, SUN-YOUNG Sociology of Culture, Social Theory 053-950-5222
 독일 Muenchen 대학교 사회과학대학 사회학과 
CHO, JOO EUN Sociology of Information 053-950-5220
 Seoul National University (Ph.D) 
Shin, Hungjin Quantative Sociology, Social Research Methods 053-950-5223
 State Univ of New York at Albany 
Name Major Phone E-Mail Homepage
LEE, JAE-HA Regional Development, Regional Geography 053-950-5233
 Kyungpook National University 
LEE, CHUL-WOO Economic Geography, Regional Development 053-950-5234
 Nagoya University (Doctor of literature) 
UM, JUNG-SUP GIS/RS/EIA 053-950-5229
 University of Aberdeen (Ph.D, UK), Asian Institute of Technology (Master of Science) 
HWANG, SANG-IL Geomorphology, Quaternary Research 053-950-5230
JO, HYUN-MI Social Geography, Regional Research 053-950-5228
JUN, BYONG-WOON Urban Geography and GIS, Remote Sensing/Cartography, Spatial Analysis & Modeling 053-950-5231
 University of Georgia (Ph.D. in Geography) 
Ethan Robert Yorgaso Cultural geography, Political Geography 053-950-5232
 The Univ. of Iowa 
Library and Information Science
Name Major Phone E-Mail Homepage
NAM, KWON-HEE Bibliography 053-950-5241
 Kyungpook National University 
LEE, CHANG-SOO Library Materials Organization 053-950-5237
 Chung-ang University(PhD in Library and Information Science) 
CHOI, JAE-HWANG Information Service 053-950-5240
 The Florida State University 
KIM, HEESOP Information Science 053-950-5239
 Univ. of Northumbria at Newcastle, School of Informatics (Ph.D. in Information Studies) 
Lee,Seong Sin Knowledge Information Center Manag 053-950-5238
 Florida State Univ. College of Information 
Yang, Kiduk Information Technology 053-950-5242
 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Name Major Phone E-Mail Homepage
Jin, YoungSun Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsycholgy 053-950-5249
Kwak, Ho-Wan Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Engineering Psychology 053-950-5247
Park, Young-Shin Developmental Psychology, Developmental Disorders 053-950-5245
Chang, Mun-Seon Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychopathology 053-950-7161
 kyungpook national university (clinical psychology, Ph. D ) 
Kim Gho Consumer&Advertising Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Social Psychology 053-950-5248
 Chung-Ang University (Ph.D) 
Kim, Chobok Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology 053-950-5250
 New Mexico State University 
Heo, Jaehong Counseling psychology 053-950-5246
 Yonsei Univsersity 
Social Welfare
Name Major Phone E-Mail Homepage
KIM, YOUNG-HWA Social Welfare Policy 053-950-5256
SHIN, SUNG-JA Clinical Social Work 053-950-5257
HWANG, SUNG-DONG Research Methods, Data Analysis, Mental Health 053-950-5253
 University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.) 
KIM, HWAN-JOON Social Welfare Policy 053-950-5255
BAE, SUNG-WOO Social Work Practice 053-950-5254
 University of Southern California School of Soical Work, Ph.D. 
SUNG, HEE-JA Social Work Practice 053-950-5258
Soon-Young Moon 053-950-7166
Jeon, Hesuk --
Lee, Myounghyun Social Welfare Administration,Social Welfare and Law 053-950-5252
 Busan National University 
Lee, Keungeun Clinical social work, School social work 053-950-7167
111 053-950-7164
11 053-950-7162
11 053-950-7163
Journalism & Mass Communicatione
Name Major Phone E-Mail Homepage
JUNG, GIRL-JIN Advertising 053-950-5264
 University of Missouri-Columbia 
CHO, SUNG-HO International Communications, Research Methods, Television Programming 053-950-5263
 The State University of New York at Buffalo 
LEE, GANGHEONG Media Audience Study, Political Communication and Visual Communication 053-950-5266
 University of Pennsylvania(Ph.D. in Communication) 
NAM, JAE IL Journalism 053-950-5265
 Korea University 
CHUNG, CHUNG JOO New Media, Social Network, Digital Technology 053-950-5260
 The State University of New York at Buffalo 
KIM, YEONSHIK TV & Video Production 053-950-5261
Kim, Sang Ho Communication Philosophy & Media Studies 053-950-5262
 Academic background : University of Oklahoma (Ph.D. in Communication)